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C3351 Modbus-TCP/Modbus-RTU PLC controller (codesysv3.5)

Product Feature:

ODOT PLC C-3351 Codesys V3.5

1.Reliable, compact, easy to expansion IO, can support up to 32 I/O modules.

2. It could be applied to multiple industries and scenarios such as mechanical processing equipment, sewage treatment, textile, non-standard automation, etc.

3. Seamless communication with reliable connection. Modbus TCP Server and Modbus TCP client are supported simultaneously.

It supports Modbus RTU master or slave.

4. It is a programmable system that follows the IEC61131-3 international standard. It supports five programming languages such

as ladder diagram (LD), instruction list (IL), structured text (ST), function block diagram (CFC/FBD) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

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C3351 Dimension

Technical Parameters

General Parameters

System power supply
22-28VDC(Nominal 24VDC)
Anti-reverse connection protection
Module consumption
Internal Bus supply current Max:2.0A@5VDC
system to site power isolation
Field power supply 22-28V(Nominal 24V)
Field supply current
Max. DC 8A
Number of supported I/O modules 32 pcs
Wiring diameter Max.1.5mm² (AWG 16)
Way to install 35mm DIN rail
Dimension 115 * 65.5 * 75mm
Weight 120g


Environment Parameters

Operating Temperature -30~70℃
Environment Humidity 5%~95% RH(No Condensation)
Ingress Protection Rating IP20

Programming Specification

Programming Specification
Programming Software CODESYS SP17
Programming language IEC 61131-3 (LD, IL, ST, CFC/FBD, SFC)
Maximum State Tasks 5
Bit Instruction Cycle 0.21us
Word Transfer Cycle 0.39us
Floating Point Operation Cycle 0.42us
Program Memory 1MBytes
Data Storage 1MBytes
Power-down Protection Area 3KBytes
RTC: Not Supported
Maximum Expansion Module 32
Modbus Master Max Channel Numbers 10
Modbus Master Command Max Length:
Function Code 1(Read Coils) 2000
Function Code 2(Read Discrete Inputs) 2000
Function Code 3(Read Holding Registers) 125
Function Code 4(Read Input Registers): 125
Function Code 15(Write Multiple Coils) 440
Function Code 16(Write Multiple Registers) 27
Function Code 23(Read/Write Multiple Registers) 25+25
Interface Parameters
Interface 2 * RJ45 & 1 * RS485
Network Port Baud Rate 10/100Mbps, Adaptive and full duplex
Network Protocol Modbus TCP,the default IP of the device is
Serial Port Configuration(RS485) Supports Modbus RTU/ASCII, the baud rate is 2400~115200bps, and supports the parameter configuration of parity code and stop bit
Link Parameters
Modbus TCP Client Max supports for connecting 6 Modbus TCP servers
Modbus TCP Server Max supports for 6 Modbus TCP clients connected
Modbus RTU Master
Max supports for connecting 5 slave devices
 Modbus RTU Slave  Max supports for connecting 1 master device



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