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ODOT CN-8033: EtherCAT Network Adapter

Product Feature:

The CN-8033 EtherCAT I/O module supports standard EtherCAT protocol access. The adapter supports a Max. input of 1024 bytes and a Max. output of 1024 bytes. It supports 32 pcs of extended IO modules.

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CN-8033 EtherCAT Network Adapter

Technical Parameters

Hardware Specification

System Power: Nominal 24Vdc, Range-9-36Vdc

Protection: Overcurrent Protection, Reverse Protection: YES

Power Consumption: 110mA@24Vdc

Internal BUS Supply Current: Max.2A@5VDC

Isolation: System Power to Field Power Isolation

Field Power Supply    Power Supply: 22~28V(Nominal 24VDC)

Field Power Supply Current: Max. DC 8A

I/O Modules supported: 32 pcs

Wiring: Max.1.5mm²(AWG 16)

Mounting Type: 35mm Size DIN-Rail

Size: 115*51.5*75mm

Weight: 130g

Environment Specification

Operational Temperature: -40~85℃

Operational Humidity: 5%~95% RH(Condensation)

Protection Level: IP20

EtherCAT: Parameter

Protocol: EtherCAT

Process data area: Input Max.1024 Bytes, Output Max.1024 Bytes

Network Interface: 2 RJ45

Speed: 10/100Mbps, MDI/MIDX, Full-Duplex

Max.Bus Legenth: 100m


CN-8033 EtherCAT Network Adapter2

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