ODOT Automation aims to focus on IIOT and boost smart factory.

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ODOT has serviced over 10000+ clienteles for domestic and overseas market.

With the deep customzed services and high quality ODOT products of a warranty of 3 years, we earned a reputation in the industrial automation…


Unlocking New Possibilities...

Energy storage refers to the process of storing energy through media or devices and releasing it when needed. Energy storage runs through all aspects of new energy development and utilization. It is not only an important guarantee for national energy security but also a major driving force for e...

ODOT Temperature Acquisitio...

PT100 is a commonly used resistance temperature detector in the industrial control field, known for its high accuracy, good stability, linear characteristics, and wide temperature range. It is widely applied in industrial automation, temperature control systems, laboratory instruments, medical e...


We provide reliable data acquisition solutions for the automation industry


Focus on industrial communication and automation control system for 18 years

Why Choose Us

  • Craftsman’s spirit

    We have a coverage rate of 70% of technical, Provide 7X24 hours online answering technical support. We Keep improving and pursue more innovation.

  • To create value for customers

    we will be listen to the needs of customers, combined with our 20 years of successful experience, to design customized solutions, provide ODM service .

  • Quality & Time & Cost

    Quality is life, Time is money, Cost is value, Product with CE, UL certificates, Supply Abilitiy of 30,000 pieces/month, Leading time 7~10 days , Reduce costs for customer, and provide reliable and stable products.

  • Quality Quality


    Always puts the quality at the first place with R&D and ODM

  • Certificate Certificate


    Certification with CE,UL ,ISO9001:2015

  • Manufacturer Manufacturer


    Leading  Automation Data Acquisition Solution Provider 


ODOT AUTOMATION ,a specialist with 20 years of experience in the automation industry, offers cutting-edge technology in communication protocols and control products, carrying a unique high-speed backplane bus technology of C series remote IO system. The product has been widely used in a variety of industries for data acquisition, including FA(factory automation), PA(process automation, energy management etc. With the quality craftsmanship, tailored services and 3-year warranty, ODOT enables to win the trust of her end users, and dedicated to always support customers in their challenges.